Zihui's Wedding

16.05.2009 is a remarkable day for our fren, Zihui & Chuan Yong's Big Day. They had their church wedding in the afternoon and custom wedding dinner at night.
Let's the pictures do the talking...

From Left: The bride, Ju & m3

Congrats to newly weds (Zihui & Chuan Yong). Picture taken after the church ceremony is over. Ju took pictures of the whole process. So, you can check it out from her fb..

Followed by night dinner.We have a small gathering and we start taking photos non-stop the whole night. Before that i started off with our photos, i will show the foods served that night first.Looks tempting right?haha!

Sharkfin Soup

Roasted Chicken with cracker. The roasted chicken colour is not attractive at all. The taste is fine only

Steamed fish...

Cereal Prawns..

Brocolli, Mushroom and braised seaweed if i not mistaken...

Steamed Bun with the fat pork slice sauce to go with it..

Finally the dessert- Longan and sea coconut with lotsa ice
Finally our beautiful photos..We start taking photos before the dinner starts, during & also after non-stop..haha!Camwhoring alert..

Bestie-Ju & myself..

Jie Mei photos

Ladies sharing the same table 30 on that night..

The only guy accompanied by all the beauties..haha!

Finally the group photos with the newly weds...

Me & Zihui after the dinner
Luckily SSC kind enough to drive me back home after the dinner. And we (Miew Chin, Celia & SSC) had our second round supper at my home. We had dumplings to fill up our stomach.


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