Kitchen Mogu Mogu

There is something special about this restaurant called Kitchen Mogu Mogu ( click on it to see the details) which located at Far East Plaza. It's a Fast Food Japanese concept restaurant.
I went there shopping with my colleague yesterday and got myself the blazer that I always wished for. But kinda pricey..won’t want to spill out the price here otherwise kena scolding. But I really heart it a lot. It’s an blazer jacket inspired by the ZARA design. So, u can imagine how it looks like. Will show it soon when I put on with it.. :p

So, what is so special about this restaurant is that it is all computerized once you step in. Customers will have to take order from the machine and pay at the machine at the same time. So, once we step in, we will look up to the top to see what are the available items they have.

Then we click on the machine displayed and there is a note pasted at the centre top of the machine to guide you step by step to take orders.
Then will appear the amt money need to pay after you summarized your order..

See the black thing at the left side of the machine, you have to put the notes into the machine to process your payment

Then collect your receipt and wait for your number to call. Pic below shows you the place where customers will collect their foods when the particular number is called out..

It’s called the fast food Japanese restaurant so we only need for few minutes and our number is called. we ordered Pork Rice set which comes with chawanmushi, miso soup & green tea. The pork rice itself costs SGD4.50 and the whole set only costs SGD5.80 which is almost the price of a foodcourt. So, it’s consider cheap for a restaurant. The pork rice is served with cute size of bento box and the taste is not bad. But the food served it’s not hot enough.

If you are looking for cheap range food at orchard area, you can try this restaurant. The portion served was just nice and fulfilling as well..

P/S: Mum’s b’day is coming soon and I need to get her a present. Any ideas what to buy?


p3eng peNg wond3rl@nd said...

yer... why seems so interesting??? next time remember to bring me go loh... hehe

LeO GaL said...

if u finally decide to come sg..i will be waiting for that day to come...

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