Spring Hokkaido Buffet @ Royal Scotts Hotel

We were invited to a Spring Hokkaido buffet theme on Monday night. It’s a very nice ambience place to dine in. The interior design was cosy and comfortable as well. Most importantly we are seated at Special guest room to enjoy the food & private chat. It has been such a long time I enjoyed..haha!

Lazy to explain more…

In short, it’s enjoyable & fruitful dinner. Pictures tell the story:- *Winks*

Entrance look of the hotel lobby

Kimono decoration before entering the restaurant..

The private room that we enjoyed the dinner. The chair is huge & heavy to lift as well..

Some od the sashimi & sushi we took..

The hotel serves varieties of seafood which is also from one of our supplier..

The scallop is huge and the oyster is fresh. Basically all the seafood looks big valuable..I miss the oyster & scallop with roe.The prawns are huge too..

Then the Jap Chef of the restaurant gave a surprise treat of halibut. It's actually the size of the baby halibut served (of course without the head & tail). So you can imagine how big the fish can grow? The fish meat texture is nice and it's well cooked.Thumbs up..

They served various kind of hot soups so i wanted to try new soup. So i decided to try the soup below. Garlic with brocolli which turn out not very nice.The soup is not hot enough as well. Too creamy dy..

Random cooked dishes..

My fav oyster again..hehe

Cooked dishes..

Cooked spagethi with tomato sauce

The restaurant has a dessert & bakery display opposite the cashier counter. We went to have a look and even start to camwhoring there.haha!The desserts simply looks tempting. You wouldn’t resist to take them back but… price is so exp.haha!

With Chef Asai-san & Annie

Heart Shape chocolate lollipop coated with crushed chocolates..Yummy

Followed by the desserts we took during the buffet. They served fantastic dessert varieties..i miss the matcha chocolate mousse cake & the jellies..

Then we had sake sips as well..Mild taste

Group photo & i'm the photographer..

We ended with thanks & off to second round...

We drove to UE Square Shopping mall and to a nice place called...

There have the karaoke & snooker session..It's a nice place to hang around...

We hang around til 2am..Guess wat it's only Monday and i feel so sleepy the next day..
Great start of the week


p3eng peNg wond3rl@nd said...

hazel... i realize u rili rich... how come most of the time u also go japanese restaurant de... now this time is so high class de... haha... but anyway... the food seems rili fresh and yummy leh... u very suei de la... make my stomach so hungry now... :p

LeO GaL said...

no..i no money go..ppl treat and i was invited only go le..but the foods are super nice le..too bad my cam not good quality
when i get professional camera sure will take more nice one to show u...hehe

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