30th April- Clock strikes 5.30pm and i get myself ready to knock off and rush back home with my colleagues. We have 3 pax and i suggested to share cab to woodland checkpoint and it turned out the cost per pax is sgd6.75 which is still worth it. We have shorten our time period waiting for bus and mrt etc. I think basically shorten by 30mins.We were expecting huge congested traffic ahead but luckily not as bad as we think. Guess wat..we reached JB custom around 7.30pm and it is actually earlier than what we anticipated.
Then my colleague and i headed to city square to have our dinner while waiting for my sis to fetch us. So, we choose SECRET RECIPE as our dinner for the day.
The staff served us snack before the main dish. It's cracker dip with sweet chilli sauce. Taste nice and crunchy..
My Fav Dish in Secret Recipe- Grilled Chicken with tumeric sauce. It's so delicious to mix the chicken with tumeric sauce.RM14.50 for this set

My Colleague choice- BBQ Chicken Chop with Rice. She said taste so-so. RM13.50 for this set.

After the dinner, we waited for my sis to pick us up and we saw the traffic police officer saman those waiting cars parked outside citysquare. First time i saw our m'sia officers stop to saman all those cars. So i called my sis to pick me up at another pick up point.
Finally reached home and miss the cosy bed..
Today 1st May is the Labor Day
My colleague and I went to Holiday Plaza for hair make over. But she did curly and i just do hair treatment which costs me a bomb.Anyway, i know my hair is very dry and damaged so i need to do something with it..Aha..excuses to spend money again.. *winks*
To cut short, after starving for so many hours we finally find a place for our lunch cum dinner.
Ta dah...the restaurant located in city square and it serves malay dishes.

The name of the restaurant

We ordered a set dinner for 2 pax which costs RM50.80 excluding service charge and gst. We have fish, chicken, lotus beef, dessert & refillable nasi (white rice).
Below are the dishes taken by my NIkon.hehe!
The fried fish is so tasty and crunchy especially when we dip with the special sauce given. A bit sweet & spicy and it's delicious. I can't help having it all by myself.haha!Greedy ler...

XP looking at the fish can't wait to eat coz she needs to wait for me to take photo.haha!Her new hairstyle as well. She looks so japanese with this hairstyle..
Next is the fried chicken wing part and we dun find it special. Just taste as usual and the meat part of course not as nice as drumstick.

Lotus with redang beef.Damn good!I love this dish man..The beef is so tender and lotus taste just nice.

Lastly dessert for 2pax. I choose Ais Kacang for XP

My Cendol.i missed the taste so much. I remember vividly during the time in KT, we will buy RM2 pack of cendol with the cendol indian guy. He packed a very huge pack for us.So worth it man.haha!

That's all for the Update as per today activities .I wanna sleep dy.I gonna work tomorrow for half day and meet PK tmr!We going out!Next: Nuts Buzz
Good nite...


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