Mentai Somen

Had my own receipe for my dinner yesterday.Bought Mentaiko Paste and wanted to try cooking it. I tried the ika mentai at one of the company outlet and i'm loving it. So, i try cooking it at home.

Picture of the mentaiko paste..56g/pkt. Can cook 2 times for a person only..


Then i have japanese somen and seaweed to add in my ingredients for dinner..

Somen + Nori
So, i started off boiling my somen. Actually the mentaiko paste will taste good with spagethi but i do not have it. So i replaced with somen. But the taste turned out to be delicious as well..

Boil the somen
Inside mentaiko paste, it's ready with the 2 portion of ingredients. So, i jz open it and use it together with the cooked somen.

Tadah..after i open it. There are shredded seaweed on top of it. I mixed it and it's simply delicious.Simple and nice dinner for my Monday Blue..haha!

Ready to serve
I think next time i gonna buy more mentaiko paste to put at home to cook anytime and more ingredients to put in my somen dish.
P/S: Feel refresh after cutting my hair shorter but i feel like cutting it shorter again..


p3eng peNg wond3rl@nd said...

so hardworking... nex time do it for me also oh...... hahaha

LeO GaL said...

haha..if got the chance la..u cum sg work lo..

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