Shenzhen Trip

Pardon me for the long delay post. Kinda lazy to blog nowadays. Gonna be slacker soon enough *grins*. Let me continue my post about the trip to china before I proceed to my post on 25th b’day.

We (XP&myself) took an evening bus from Guangzhou bus station to Longgang(which is outside of Shenzhen). It’s a new growing industrial and residential area. We was welcomed by XP’s auntie (father’s cousin). Long distance relationship but yet their relationship is close. The journey took us 2hours and we slept throughout the journey.

So, once we reached, the first thing I saw is JUSCO!Which is something familiar I can find in M’sia.haha!So, I quickly take out the camera and took a picture of it..

After unloading our luggage at her aunt’s place, we went for dinner nearby. It’s a walking distance restaurant and we had Hunan’s dinner on that night.Y Hunan is because they are from Hunan and XP misses the food there.. It’s a welcome treat from her auntie.Let’s see the combined pictures. Too many photos dy so I console everything in a box. It’s looks delicious right?haha!

We had the appetizer seasoned cucumber with a bit chili taste. It tastes refreshing.

Then we have a pot of soup. Very nice hot soup with wakame and chicken in it. Sorry I forget the name of the soup.Had 3 bowls of soup. I’m soup lover in China.haha!Then we have this chicken liver cooked with their special kind of chili and it taste very Q. Like eating ‘chu du’. A bit spicy but overall nice when you goes with rice.

Followed by a special dish tasted like cucumber also but not cucumber. Seems doubting,rite?Anyway, i don't know wat is that but taste nice also.Then we had steamed fish head with their special chilli.Lastly is the fried tung hoon with chili also. I realised that Hunan ppl love to eat chilli and almost all the dishes to go with the chilli.

Basically after the dinner, we had a rest and enjoyed China TV shows. I find that China TV programmes advertisement can lasts around 15mins and more. Really lots of repeated advertisement and i kinda bored waiting for the drama to resume..

The following day, we went to Window of the World located at Shenzhen.It's actually the theme park featuring miniature-scale famous landmarks of the world. The entrance fees RMB120.00 needed to pay before we can step into the theme park. World of illussion...

This fun place is a collection of famous world sites in miniature. If you don't have time (can't afford ) to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris , the Taj Mahal in Dehli or the Pyramids, then you can see them all (in mini) here in an afternoon! The miniature Niagara Falls are more than 80 meters wide and over 10 meters deep and the noise of the water rushing here is deafening.

Too bad the weather sucks on Aug and it's rainning seasons.My umbrella on gear all the time..My shoes & socks are wet the whole time.So geli!!hehe!

Sorry that i can't explain in details of all miniatures there which i intended initially but i know i;m a slacker so i think will take me months to settle down a proper tour of splendid china post. So, i rather u guys go and explore yourself there when you have the chance to drop by Shenzhen.

So, check out the summarize photos that i have combined here..

*Click on the pictures for larger image*

We took the whole afternoon touring around and end up get cheated RMB50 coz there is a guy who offer to help us take photos and introducing the miniatures there. So, we are lazy to look at the map so we find that the price is reasonable so we go ahead accept the offer. But then the tour doesn't last for 2hrs. It was a quick tour. One of the reason partly we need a photographer since China ppl are not friendly one.They dun wanna offer help to strangers. Maybe they also wanna protect themselves. So end up we feel like got cheated.Damn...

After the touring, we met up with XP fren which is her schoolmate. He is working in Shenzhen and he offered us dinner somewhere in Shenzhen. It was quite a famous restaurant and he got special offer for that. Seems like he is a regular customer there.

The entrance of the restaurant and the chinese characters (i dun understand)

The restaurant has the unique taste and it's beautifully decorated in those dynasty style and seems like served customers in a palace sort of place.

Ceiling designs...

The Lantern with the lights on hanging around..

The menu on the table..

Table setting..See the crockery used?All those ancient types display

Overall view of the restaurant. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and china ppl can even smoke inside...

Tadah...we have our fren here..

XP & myself while waiting for the dishes to be served
Me with her fren..
The dishes we ordered..We have thick noodle with seasoned chilli,chicken liver with special seasoning, fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, vegetable with salted vegetables and special fried bun with steamed bun and goes well with their special sauce (sweet butter taste). We ordered 2 plate of the bun. It's so much nicer than those we normally had in m'sia wedding dinner...
Not to mention the soup taste delicious. The soup is actually from crab egg with tofu and also eggs.The combination is so magnificent and it's yummy. It also goes well with steamed rice. I think China is very good at making soups..haha!

Took pic of the antique design basin. Jx a photo and show u guys. I upload my trip in facebook and can check out more from there...

After the dinner, we took bus back to Longgang which took us 2 hours journey from Shenzhen. Guess wat the bus ticket is RMB10 which is approximately SGD2. So, we slept throughout the journey...

Coming up next will be the second place i went in Shenzhen...


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