Guangzhou journey part 1

It has been a week since i back from china and i have not been updating my blog frequently. Pardon me as i fall sick and keep feeling dizzy and drowsy. I even took leave on wed to see doc.

I started my trip on 2nd August to Guangzhou. I need to wake up around 3am to get prepared and took a cab to budget terminal. I booked Tiger Airways at $380 for 2 way. I even spend $80.00 to do the one time china visa.

Upon reaching the budget terminal, i went to the counter to check in my luggage and waiting time to pass all by myself..

Luckily budget terminal has the internet zone for me to online at least 15mins. Why m i saying 15mins?It's because the settings shown every person is only limit to the stated period only. Anyway, better then nothing to do then...

Then walking around the terminal, i found something interesting...

There is a small corner stationed for kids perhaps to do some rub and scratch with the papers provided..

Passport and the flight ticket

Then finally the time has arrived and i need to walk through this long passage to get myself to the flight..

Random pics shot taken while i'm in the plane. I was lucky enough to get myself the seat next to the window. Otherwise, i dun think i can take pics of the beautiful scene..

Sun is rising..can you guys see the clouds?It's beautiful,right?

Upon reaching guangzhou airport, we (XP and i) took the shuttle bus to the railway station of guangzhou. The journey costs us 16 yuan per pex..

Then followed by a cab to take us to the hotel we are going to stay. Furama Hotel. See how special the cab in China. I think they afraid robbery cases so it's all blocked and protection for the cab driver..

Along the way, i saw something interesting. i thought i can only see this in tv drama but it still exists after so many man..

The room of the day

Random photo..statue along the road

Housing areas

Along the Baima shopping area...

The ancient road path shown here..

Had our lunch of course.. I love the soup.It's refreshing.
This costs me around 14yuan (if i rmb correctly)

XP choice of lunch..

The shop name which i don't know how to read chinese...

I had beef noodle for my dinner which costs me only 6yuan.

XP choice of dinner. Looks tempting as well..

Doesn't this look like the macau historical place?hehe!But it is not. It's the church in guangzhou..

It was 7pm when this picture taken and all the shops are closing down. So, we ended up stroll back to the hotel to get some rest so that we have energy to continue the journey for the next day..


Flights to Guangzhou said...

Guangzhou is beautiful destinations in the world. It looks like heaven on the earth. I love Guangzhou.

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