Secret Garden v Secret Gathering

I was in KL last Sunday and Monday. Sent my sis back to KL as her hew semester starting the next day. Luckily SSC is kind enough to drove us there. We went to meet up with our besties and frens for short gathering at one Utama and hang around at her house. We had chit chatting updating each others.
Ju recommended us the Secret Garden restaurant in One Utama which apparently the designs are quite alike as FULLHOUSE which i seen in my frens photo. The concept is similiar the same but then it has the secret garden storyline base there. Somehow i feel so..maybe i too imaginative dy.
This restaurant has a pianist.Hehe!He has very great talent playing all the songs and make the whole ambience very different..

Random photos of the restaurant. One portion of the restaurant..

We had a joke of the day. Ju keep telling us tat eat fresh oyster will get 'high'. I don't really understand wat is she referring until her husband explained to us.haha!

We have SSC and Hock Thiam here

Followed by SSC and Ju

Hock Thiam and me

Ju & Hock Thiam with both signature peace sign..

Not forgetting ju and me!!

Group photo...

Us again outside the restaurant. Taking photos non-stop..haha!

Luckily we have Ju's husband who is kind enough to be our camera man.We finally have the decent group photo outside the restaurant entrance...

One isn't enough so we took another one..


And more..

After the dinner, we headed to Ju's house for chit chatting til Rui reached. Then we headed to Murni for yam cha session.
Mama Ju didn't join us for the yam cha session. She need to wake up early the next day to work and most importantly she is pregnant. Pregnant mum need to take extra rest...
Anyway, she took a picture with the belated present shared by SSC and me. We bought the cloth diaper for her. Hope she loves it.She even took the picture and post at FB. And i stole from her there to upload here to share.hehe!!

Didn't bring camera to KL or anywhere coz my sis took it to Ukraine and i feel so handicapped...
I wish to have my very own camera!!!


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