JB 2Days 1Nite Trip

It was a tiring and fun weekend. I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday ‘jalan-jalan cari makan’ with my colleagues. They joined me at JB after their work and we met up at jusco.
Then we drove to seafood restaurant somewhere in JB. Luckily one of the colleague’s husband knows the way and we get to enjoy seafood feast.

The place is kinda remote and we need to pass by the residential area to reach the place. But surprisely Singaporeans also know their way to this place. The orang asli restaurant. The restaurant is flooded with people. There is 3 restaurants attached together at the same location but the Todak restaurant has the best biz of all. I guess because the price is reasonable and food is delicious??
The entrance to the restaurant

The view of restaurant surrounding.Opposite of the restaurant is the Sembawang shipyard. That's the information input by my colleague.

Pretending to be F4?

Sunset view. It was around 6plus when we reached there..

Random shots of the seafoods they display for customers to choose...

Different type of fishes with different types of pricing as well...

The foods that we ordered that day. The total damaged for the dinner is RM267 for 7pax. Isn't it worth it? We have 5types of seafoods.
The vegetable dish is not worth it. It costs us RM16.00 per plate. So next time anyone wanna go for seafood, dun ever order vegetables. It's not worth it. But the mantou (bun) is super nice.We ordered 2 plates. Each bun costs RM0.80/pc which is cheaper than a plate of plain rice which costs us RM1.00/plate. I think the bun will give u more satisfaction than the plain rice.This is because the bun goes well with the special prawn curry gravy. Thumbs up for this!!
My colleague with her husband enjoying the salted eggs cooked crab

We even need the special gear to crack the crab shell..It's very bulky gear and traditional on.e But it's very useful coz we need to crack many crab shells to enjoy the meats.hehe!

After the dinner, they(the colleagues) took a picture before we left the place to next destination.

The night is still young so we decided to head to Danga Bay.Too bad it's drizzling and nothing much we can see.Anyway, we took a pic here as shown below.
I adores the picture below..The carousel aka merry go round so beautiful!!!
The lightings and everything seems so perfect. I like this shot and it's like very magical carousel. It would be nice to take couple photo here. haha!I remember my fren's sis wedding photo shoots was taken here as well. The effect is extremely beautiful!!!

Random shot of the yatch at danga bay

We had a short walk around the place and settle down yam cha nearby.We headad back my house and stayover to continue the journey next day...


We woke up quite early the next day. Around 7.30-8am. Then we headed to KT for BAK KUT TEH. My fren's shop towards Mersing road. It has been quite a while since i last visited. I think 1-2 years ago.haha!
Slight jam towards KT early morning but we still enjoyed the journey.Awaits patiently to arrive the destination for good foods.

Finally after an hour drive, we reached the place and it’s crowded with people as usual.

Everyone is very busy with the orders and serving etc. They even start to have a system already. They even have table no display on each table. We ordered the specialty there and everyone enjoyed the food. The soup base is nice.
Guess how much is the total damage for 8pax? It's only RM68.00 for everything!
We swiped everything in 30mins!!

After the sumptuous breakfast, we headed to Waterfall Kota Tinggi. This is super costly. I still remember that i do not need to pay money to go in at all when i was in Secondary school.hahaIt was like 10 years ago?haha!
The entrance fees cost RM7.50/per pax for Malaysia citizen and RM10.00/per pax for foreigner. They even charged per car RM5.00/per entry. Crazy rite?So expensive and the facilities are still the same old version and no improvement at all.
But...we still spend the money to go in

Everyone get set to get wet and dirty!!

Random shots of the waterfall

Everyone with the peace sign.

I was the photographer on that day. I did not get wet and cannot get wet also :( So,i took shots for them when they get wet...

Heading towards another waterfall at the top hill...

Slippery rock staircase

Many malays youngsters especially couples love to come to waterfall. They also love to picnic here.I can see some of the malay familys brought their foods along and set up the place to enjoy...

Just a pic to show the entrance ticket which costs us RM7.50 + RM5.00 per car entry.lolz

After 2hrs spent at waterfall, we headed for our lunch. We went for the famous dry noodle shop at Kota Tinggi. I think all KT ppl knows where this place. hehe!
Luckily they like the taste of the noodle. The noodles are all hand made noodle and taste tasty.This plate of noodle costs us RM3.50/per plate.

After the lunch, we hurriedly went to the cendol stall nearby. It is very famous in KT also.haha!Everyone is waiting for their orders patiently.

The cendol was recommended in JB forum talk as well. My colleague shared the information with us. Haha! I didn’t even know the cendol was so famous and Singaporeans come here to try the cendol. We met 2old couples from Singapore.
They had 2 bowls if cendols on the spot. They love it so much.haha! A bowl of cendol with red bean + gula Melaka cost RM1.50. Doesn’t it worth it?

Total spent for 2 days around RM60.00 per pax. We had many foods and everyone enjoyed the fun although we are exhausted.
We headed back Singapore together around 5plus on Sunday. It was great company and we hope can go for next short trip again :)
Mission accomplished!!


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