Chinese New Year & B'day Celebration

Chinese New Year is a festive for gathering & reunion with family members & frens. But this year i do not feel the celebration heat.I do not know why maybe it is a signal telling me that i'm old dy.haha!Anyway, as usual photos tells everything:-

Yong Taufu-speciality of HAKKA dish

Shuan pan ze-Speciality of HAKKA as well. My grandma has a good skill for this :)

Cousins & daughters with grandparents photo sessions..

Aunts & grandparents & little twinkle

In-laws with grandparents

Sweet little gal,Twinkle

Carmen-Rachel with grandparents

Carlie-m3 & grandparents

14th Feb which is known as Valentine Day and so happen to be Chinese New Year which is double celebration for all of us. But we have triple celebration as mimi, our cous birthday on that day..

Her little dimple is very seductive huh?haha!Her sis bought her a big chupa-shupa for her b'day.Saw the big thing she holds it?She can easily smash everyone of us with that.haha!!

I like this particular shot.Nice angle..

My car breakdown on the first day of new year when i drove to MY house to pass her the letters. When i tried to start the engine, it cannot start & i have to leave the car outside her house area for few days.
Due to the car breakdown, we only have one car to use :( So end up didn't go for visiting at KT the next day. Stayed at home & went to aunt's house for gathering with cousins...


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