Had a fruitful weekend with all the meet ups & reunions going on. Finally had a chance to meet up 3 of them together @ Singapore last friday for a dinner & drink. We had western foods for dinner and went to Helipad (which is a nice place and has a similiar concept as the Loof @ raffles area).
We only managed to snap a pic of 4 of us together ( Jaime- Alvin- m3- James)

Platter consists of fruits, meats & some vegetables-shared by 6 of us. of course with new friends. They are all James's fren. I'm happy to know them. They are funny people & we had a great laughters throughout the dinner. And of course great companies..
The only pic taken.
So we went for a drink til 2plus am & i only get to sleep for only 3hrs plus and i need to rush back to JB-KT for sec frens reunion gathering @ Teluk Ramunia..
Had the first snap while waiting for rui the all to come. We had a big group of gang this time round. Around 16-18ppl if not mistaken.

The guys has nothing to do and they start to play with the stick. So called star wars 2010. Did you notice cmeng's stick is so transparent?He said it was his laser weapon... "__"llll

Random photos

Some photos of the teluk ramunia @ Sunrising resort which is called Teluk Ramunia Resort. I wonder did where does this Sunrising word come from?

Entrance to the chalet

The chalet that cost us RM420 per night. Damn expensive man

The kitchen in the chalet. Looks not attractive. I know that..This time round no BBQ coz too rush dy.So we ignored the kitchen area and move to the living room..

This is the living room aka the gambler area

We reached there around 2plus and the sun is striking so hot!We still play around the chalet compound. We played childhood games..

They are starting to warm up to play "the eagle vs chick" game...

Rui aka the eagle. Cmeng aka the daddy chicken protecting the baby chickens..

We have the boys chics attacking the eagle (cmeng)

Followed by the game- "bu xu dong". I dun know how to name the game. But if u guys remembered, we do played this game during younger days. We are not allowed to move when the front person said do not move and turn his/her face to u..

This is the funny part. Cmeng nearly touched xy face when she jz turn around and said "bu xu dong". Luckily managed to capture this moment. Damn funny. They tried to hold their laughters..

Sea views...

Wave kinda strong tat day. Very windy as well although the sun striking so hot..

Leaving our footprints here @ Teluk Ramunia

We shared laughters & memories as we spend our time together here...

Guys plotting the traps to set Cmeng up..Their usual game practice..

Strong Macho cmeng was captured by several of them. He is way too strong and they need so many strengths to hold him tightly...

Being force to throw to the sea...

Mission accomplished & they head to the second target- YP. He is damn fast runner. They managed to capture him when they attempted the 2nd time..

More than 10 over years of friendships.They stayed strong together...

Jumping as high as possible with so many poses...

Playing sands together like little boys...

Everyone is enjoying the scene...

Poor guy being snapped wilingly.He even ask me to sensor it.

That's how we shared our laughters & memories together.. 10 over years of friendship & it's growing strong.Although everyone has their own lifestyles and work, we still try to keep in touch as much as possible and stay connect to one another.
Although some are at KL or Singapore or JB or anywhere, we are always connected.That's how friendships are built that can stand over the time..
Hope we can have the reunion every year!!Thanks to the organizer!!


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