Attractions @ Malacca

Besides good food to enjoy when u guys make a trip down to Malacca,you can also enjoy the attractions there. Besides the famous Jonker Street, there also have the Red house, A Famosa, Saint Paul Church, Malacca Revolving Tower which i forgotten the name. & also the River cruise.

Not forgetting the lovely decorations of the trickshaw which are queued nicely at Red House providing their services to tour around Malacca town. The trickshaw has many flowers attached together and shaped into nicely butterfly style, bouquet of flowers etc. It also plays music when trickshaw driver rides you along the journey which a certain charge. I'm not sure about the charges but i think it will be expensive.

After the lunch- Chicken rice ball, we walked to Saint Paul Church under the hot sun. I was grumbling along the way. But luckily the distance was quite short and it is not bad after all.

Followed by the A Famosa with the random pics of the building and also the cravings of ancients.Random pics taken below:-

Daphne & me with one of the cravings

It's all well-reserved with their cravings although some are already cracked. Ancients people have very good skills on their cravings leaving their history passed on to our generation

We went to one of our fren's mum nursery. Weather is super hot and we just stroll along the nursery and took a few snaps and proceed for teatime again. Beautiful orchids & well maintained...

Group photos...

Next we have the Malacca tower which cost each person RM10 per entry to enjoy the view from the top of the sky. The entrance building as shown below

This is how the tower looks like overall

Photos taken inside the cable before we set off up to the sky

View from the top...

We can see many cars from top and it really freaks me out.I do not really dare to stand up near to the glass panel to look. I just took the photo from my seat :)

We can also see the Eye on Malacca which is closed for the time being now.Do not know the reason but it certaintly beautified the scenery of Malacca :)

After we had a look from the top, we headed to river cruise. Entry remain the same RM10 per pax. It was drizzling when we went for the ride.
Views throughout the ride from the starting point to the end
We can see some of the reserved Kampung Melayu houses along the riverside. Based on Kim & Josh, some of the Kampung houses are now empty but government still reserved and maintain the house in good condition for tourist sight seeing.

We also can see the the building drawed with the historical features attached on it. It's to create awareness for the tourists and spread the history of malacca.

The boat brought us back to the starting point once we reached the edge of the river.
We had a wonderful experience throughout the 2 days trip with sight seeings and foods. Waiting for the next trip soon :)


maureen said...

Malacca is a nice place...

LeO GaL said...

yeah..nice place to makan and relax

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