Cari Makan @ Malacca

April 2nd - 4th the trip was awesome with lots of goodies and foods for the past 3 days. Imagine we ate more than 3 meals a day. Seems like every hour 2-3 hrs we had a meal. Gained weight after the trip.
We started off with Malacca famouse chicken rice ball. Their friendly host, Josh brought us to the traditional shop which they highly recommended the original chicken rice ball.

True enough it's famous as we need to queue up for it. See the queue?we need to queue under the hot sun to enjoy the food.The coffee shop is actually very small size and it can only fit roughly 10-15 tables if not mistaken so we need to wait for our turn.

The special chilli sauce with lime taste as well. It goes well with the chicken and also the chicken rice ball. The rice ball size is mini size. Each person will be served 5 rice balls to go with the chicken. Neverthless, the guys are complaining the portion is not enough and ended they ordered another 60 rice balls.

The rice texture is unlike the chicken rice we had. The rice texture is like eating porridge. The chicken flesh is tender,meaty and oily as well. But taste is delicious.. Thumbs up!

Followed by high tea at Pahlawan area. This is also recommended by Josh as well. The cake lapis is an interesting concept. It's a combination of western and nyonya style of creation. Lapis which we normally think of will be kuih lapis but this time, we have cake lapis with different flavours (Strawberry,Dark Chocolate,Banana Choco, cheese etc). Each slice of cake is below RM10 per pc.And the best part, the tea is refillable and it's best goes with the cake. The ambience is very nice and comfortable as well.

The cakes that we ordered....

The display case with the cakes available....
The shop signage

Followed by satay celup which is also famous in Malacca. Capitol satay restaurant which is also so called originated satay celup in Malacca. We queued up 1 hour plus to try the food.The restaurant opens from 5pm til midnite.

See the crowd and people in the restaurant?

The artistes photos taken when they dine in restaurant

See the satay celup sauce? It's mixture with the peanut crush and also the satay powder

Varieties available. Every stick is $0.80 per stick

The slice breads & cucumbers for everyone..

We also went to Tangkak for the famous Bak kut teh and also chicken feet. Maybe the picture below does not show obviously it is. Never judge it by appearance. It taste delicious. It has special marinated sauce with chilli padi. Taste great.

Not forgeting the bak kut teh. The soup base is a bit bitter which i don't really like the taste.But then overall is good. The pork ribs texture is tender. It has cabbage and also the beancurd skin

Lunch time we had nyonya food at Malacca town. Restaurant Ole Sayang which is also filled with many customers.
While waiting for the foods, everyone is listening to Josh philosphy as usual..

We ordered: Otak-otak, duck soup, ayam ponteh, sambal petai with prawn & vegetables.Dessert choice: Cendol with gula melaka
Tea time: Satay again but this time pork satay.The texture is tender. It is well-grilled and i think it taste better than the ones we had at our hometown.

Ketupat as usual to go with the pork satay

Delicious pork satay

Nite time we go for so called malacca famouse wanton noodle. See the queue? People waiting for their orders.

We have chopstick that is broken half..thanks to our fren

3 wanton(dumplings) to go with a plate of noodle

Noodle- The noodle thickness is very thin and easily chew. Taste wise i think is normal. So i don't understand why people queue for it.Different people with different taste i guess

Grilled chicken wings which i personally think that it taste delicious

Fried oyster which the oyster in Malacca size is smaller. Taste is nice

Overall the trip is fruitful and we managed to taste many different type of foods.I will miss the chicken wings and also the cake lapis :)


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