Take a leap of faith

Nothing much to update lately. I'm still slacking at home waiting for calls and news.There is always ups and downs in life.Some people has smooth sailing throughout their life cycle. Be it love relationships or career.
Have you ever thought if u were given the chance, which one would you like to pursue first?Love or career?There is a saying that we need to pursue career then love relationship will naturally comes by. As career take off, it will makes the person to be confidence with himself/herself. Thus, people will have confident with you as well. I think women tend to think emotionally rather than rationally. Women will always sway by emotion and affect on decision making while guys are more on rational thinking before actions. So this comes the MARS VS VENUS.
We always tend to regret on actions taken cos our thoughts are always playing tricks to us. Thoughts will always become things and we will make a fuss over it. Our subconscious mind will lead us to what we always hope for. It is also our powerful mindset as it makes human being mindset become more complicated. Maybe not for u but for me who has lots of WHYs.
I always wish for smooth sailing all the way.Be it my love or career.i just want to take a leap of faith towards it.Wish me luck then...


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