July's Summary

Life is always ups and downs and twist and turns. It's the same old thing that everyone awares but this is the fact. I cracked my eggs and submitted 6 cases and only 1 got approved and disbursed but the amt is small. The boss don't feel anything but to me...i feel a sense of achievement as i did my best to bring in the sales but in terms of the approval part, i can only help my client to pray.
Life in KL is tough. Met different people everyday, talk to different people everyday, some are in harsh tone,some are nice. All kinds of things happening around and i'm adjusting myself to fix in the environment which i initially cannot accept. My Dad send sms to encourage me. I'm so touched and he don't sms. This is so surprising!My sis told me that he even show her the sms and told her that he did the typing.Omg..I love my family.They are so encouraging and i always not good in words. So the way i speak also a bit cold but then in fact i know i have family to care me. Thanks ya if u guys happen to read this post.Although sometimes uses loud tone or act like no concern, actually i dun wanna drop my tears listening to you guys.Lolz.
I went back twice on July. The first time because i'm feeling lousy of the new environment and friday knock off around 5pm so i went to try my luck to buy bus ticket back JB. Home sweet home and the feeling to be back home is so wonderful.The second time i went back to grandpa birthday dinner and it was last minute decision.
Followed by one month work in the bank sales department, our team finally decided a day to go out for dinner. We had japanese buffet-Sasaki which is also under Shogun group as well. Cost us RM60 per pack. it's kinda worth it and the sashimi is sliced quite thick and taste marvellous.Sasaki also provide Thai salmon sashimi which is something new to me but i prefer the original taste of the salmon sashimi. Anyway, we had a great time taking photos,chit chatting. Photos are upload at FB.
Perhaps it's good to be busy like this so i can pass my time fast and divert my attention. I always hope the day will come but chances are slim but i will try my best to be patient with it.
Gonna close up my July chapter with quotes :-
When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.This will keep u going on and reach it....


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