Broga Hill

I went hiking last saturday with a bunch of new friends. I only knew one of them who is my current housemate cum roommate and the rest are all strangers to me.But it's a good experience to mix with new people.
I always wanted to go broga hill as i see the pictures from my fren's fb was very nice place. We woke up around 4am to gather to drive to Semenyih. Broga hill is located at Semenyih and it's actually a small town called Broga as well. We wanted to see sunrise so we need to start hiking early morning.So we reached there aroound 6am and we started out journey. Along the journey, we have the photographers taking photo of the sky and sceneries. A lot of people were there too. So many youngsters and people carrying the dslr and the tripod to hike the hill.
Photos below taken at different timing. Below this photo taken around 6 plus..

There are total 4 peaks that we need to hike. I feel like giving up at the 2nd peak and it's damn tough and tiring. The slope is very dangerous and we need to be alert all the time. The higher the peak we go, the slope is getting more and more steep. We rest a while once we reach at each peak. Then we took few snapshots before we continue our journey..

Beautiful sky with fresh air top of the hill. The feelings are so different..

Taking a break at one of the peak before we reach the highest peak

Views from the top of the peak...

Walking the way up...

This is the tough part to reach to the last peak.Luckily we have the only guy-hero to join our activity
Finally we reached to the top of the peak.Group photo taken together~

The prove that we reach the highest peak of the broga hill :)

Going down also not easy and i fell few times and my butt is very pain.hehe!but in the end, i learnt that as long as u have determination, u will make it. It's the matter of time.So i told myself to motivate myself all the time whenever i feel like giving up. So hope u guys motivate urself with positive thought as well :)


alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

LeO GaL said...

Thanks Alan and thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

wow, very gorgeous and breath-taking view from the top of the peak. i cannot even remember the last time that i actually saw a sight like this in real life.

on another note, bet you felt an adrenaline rush after the hike right? and, a sense of accomplishment!

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