We Lov3 Blitz

It has been a wonderful 3 months experience working with energetic peoples here in my team. We are named Team 7 as we are the 7th batch which came in as a management trainee in the sales department. We have blitz together, we shared our laughters and help each other whenever something goes wrong. This is totally different from my previous job. People i met is different everyday. Not to mention the style of working here is totally different from Singapore.
Blitz~ they named it where we need to go out to distribute flyers and get contact from strangers along the street using our survey form given. We started off to do blitz because we have no network at all and do not have anyone to refer for sales so blitz is the only way to do to get sales.
It wasn't long enough where our blitz activities has become our own 'blitz' activities. We had 6 of us left after the rest of the team decided to leave the company and look for suitable jobs. But friendship does not end after they resigned. We still call them out for gathering session.
This was taken during the month of august which i remembered clearly it was my birthday eve where i had bad experience and emo stage after the gathering. But it was fun to see everyone to take up the time to meet up each other for karaoke session. Not to mention dear Janice had a surprise birthday celebration for andrew and me. So sweet of her and also the rest to sing the birthday song for us.
Andrew and myself posing to cut the cake. Andrew was 2 days earlier than me.
We have the birthday song blasting the scene and also the members to sing for us.
I was looking at Andrew cutting the cake and our dear janice was so sensitive to the camera.She is always ready with the camera posing.

It's kinda opposite photo display. I should have put the blow candle part on top.
We have Rainie here with us. She is such a darling as she managed to squeeze her busy time to gather with us for a short while before she left to rush her assignment on that day.She has the nickname called "Shanghai Girl". The reason is because she graduated from Shanghai University and was named after that by our big boss.
Random group photos..thanks to Janice bf

Finally complete group photo for the members that attended on that day. Too bad Penny wasn't here. But we have janice's bf to represent her.

Blitz activities continues everyday and September was the fun month as our team managed to hit the SOP and our performance was good. We hit 1 million disbursement and still counting for the month.So everyone was kinda slack a bit but then we still do our job well and work smart at the same time. Luckily for me as i have the brought forward sales from last month.
We have new member to join our blitz activity for one fine day on the month of sept. It was after my exam and i did badly but release thru blitz activity.Thanks to my dear colleagues.
We have Mcd for lunch before we went off for bowling session @ Times Square.
Me wearing office attire with socks.I look so childish here.Everyone laughed at me saying that i looked like a student.

Thanks to Janice's hp and we managed to get shot of everyone holding the bowling ball. First comes our top salesman, Ray. He with his serious look aiming for strike or we called it 100k. 100k term is used because this is the amount that we need to disbursement every month and not everyone can do it.The approval rate is very low.

We have the prince, Andrew. He with his weird pose aiming to strike as well

Our superior,Kak Rita rare guest on that day. She is so steady enough to join us for the blitz activities. She is already mother of 2 sons but she still has the young heart.Bravo to her!!

Our Miss Corp Janice. She brings laughter to the team and glad to have her in the team. Whenever she speaks chinese, everyone sure laugh because the way she speaks very funny. But i love the way she speaks. She has a beautiful voice.

Me looking like a student wearing the stocks and also the colourful shoes. They said short of a school bag to fit my whole image.

We have Issac, the top salesman as well. He always hit 100k and aiming to strike as well.He is a cool guy and only speaks when he wants to.But he is also a nice guy to hang out with.

By the end of september, we went for makan session. Finally Penny's face appear. The whole group went to TGIF located at Jalan Raja Chulan for brunch. It was full house and we were forced to sit outside the restaurant. The food is so-so for me and if u guys looking for nice food, i don't think it will be ideal place. TGIF only pay for the ambience and service but not the food for me.
Anyway, group photos taken while we had our lunch there last week

Gonna miss the blitz activities. Thanks to Issac for paying partially for the lunch that day.
I'm glad throughout the 3 mths in KL,many things happen but colleagues are all quite nice and friendly and able to get along with them despite on our age gap. I was so worry that i could not get along with them but luckily everything turn out to be fine except the job and also my other issues.

Looking forward for other activities to come soon...


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