Broga Hill Acts~

Still remember my previous post about the broga hill one day trip? This is the most hilarious part. We were trying to snap the jumping shots. Thanks to Yvette. Photos credited to her. She has the awesome photography skill to snap the jumping shots.
All the present with the school bags. It's so cool.I never had a nic jumping shot. Thanks to her and i finally got some snaps to keep.
Jump Up Up to the Sky
The photo below like vampire jumping. Don't you think it's a nice shot?We had 2 attempts and got it right on the second attempt.Everyone was like standing on the air and leg is so straight. Nice one!
1st attempt
2nd attempt-Perfect one

Jumping up trying to reach the sky..

Some of the random jumping ideas from them.

It's kinda fun to try all sort of jumping snaps at the peak of the hill. Enjoying the breeze of the winds and the freshness of the air. The feeling is different when u were at the peak of the hill. Everything seems to be so calm and peaceful. Concentration and focus is all on how to climb up to the hill and back down to the hill with your determination. U won't think of other stuffs which makes u more alert to surroundings.

People tend to lost their directions and being influence by outsiders. World is all about temptations and how u going to cope with it is a knowledge to learn. It takes years to build up the experience and takes a step further to know what is the outcome. It's like climbing up the hill to know how does it feel to be to of the world. U want to know so u need to take the step to move on. Sometimes it may not be the outcome u want but u need to face it. This is what we called it reality. Reality is cruel and it hurts and pain. It's all about mentality and what makes u so hurts and pain it's your mind and thinking. Saying is always easier :)


alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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