Fei's Birthday Celebration

We had early birthday celebration for Ah Fei last saturday. His actual birthday is 2 days later. Thanks to his best buddy, Mr Yap who has arranged everything for him. He recommended us the Modern Revelation Restaurant located at Taman Molek for the gathering. This restaurant consists of Japanese BBQ,Shabu-shabu,steak & teppanyaki choices.Well recommended by some of the bloggers (based on mr yap).
Photos credited to Ah yap & Daphne

Located at Taman Molek
Random photos taken while everyone busy preparing to grill the ingredients to start the feast...

Everyone busy grilling
The foods that we ordered. The beef cube, lamb shank is very juicy and tender. The grilling part is also important because overcooked is not nice.The pork belly was sliced too thin and basically does not feel anything when we put into the mouth. Overall is acceptable.

The Varieties
The seafood plate which consists of different type of fishes,squid and imitation abalone sliced.The squid is very Q.

Seafoods Varieties
Ala carte~which is tasty. Good combination

The process~

After our main course, here comes the birthday cake for the birthday boy.The name of the cake : macadania nut cake from Lavendar

Buddies on the Pic
Birthday boy with the candles on ~

Birthday Boy  Guy
Make a wish~

The card that i made in favour from ah yap. Luckily everyone likes it and i feel glad that it does not turned out to be a mess instead. Too bad cannot see the 3d effect that i made.
Just to clarify the middle choco thing in the card, it is not hamburger. It's macaron.

My Piece of Artwork
Group Photos
Group Photos
Last Photo Before we End our Dinner
Overall dinner was pleasant and the foods are not bad. Everyone paid RM38 per pax in the end for the foods that we ordered. We went bowling after makan session. We had 2 bowling games and everyone was having fun.
Subsequently we went for second round makan-yumcha at one of the dian xin coffeeshop at johor jaya.It was a nice saturday outings and it's very nice of ah yap to fetch my sis and i all the way from larkin to taman molek.
P/S: Grandpa getting weaker. He spends most of his time sleeping and awake less than 5 mins each time. Hope he can sleep well and breathe well~Always pray for him


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