Part 2 v Set 7

Just managed to post out the part 2 photos taken @ FULLHOUSE located at Sunway Giza the other day.

I went to KL again on Monday evening and back to JB yesterday night. I'm lucky enough to have them to accompany me for dinner and Janice for the accomodation and lift to exam.

Finally pass one of the paper. The exam last me for 2 hours and i need to answer 80Qs. Once i clicked end exam, the other side of the printer started to work. It printed out the result instantly. The 'MUST PASS' term was in my mind all the time.It proved that i have phobia with my current boss stress.

Anyway, last week was like a dream. I still feel that my grandpa is still with us and he is sleeping soundly on the bed.He will always stay in our heart. 76 years old and he passed away peacefully on Monday night 10.30pm.

RIP Grandpa ~


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