Daily Rants

I have no updating stories to share every since i started working in Malaysia. No more food tasting and no more photo shooting and less meet ups with friends. That's the price i need to pay when i step out from my comfort zone.It's like shadows walking in and out for these periods.

My current job requires me to wake up very early morning and reach office by 7.45am. My working hours supposed to be 8.45am. How come i need to be reach office an hour earlier?My boss requires us to have sharing every morning before the market open. Therefore, we need to make sure we read news and keep ourselves posted with the market sentiment.It is absolutely different from the past. I don't even bother about news in the past but current job requires me to do so. Perhaps this would be a good practice for myself to keep posted with the current news.It is a good practice after all? But i have a phobia sharing every morning maybe i lack of confident. I need to equip myself with the news knowledge which i think needs time to accumulate and i must learn to improve myself.

So, what is your daily rants then?


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