Paintball Outings

We went for paintball outing last saturday at Taman Impiana Emas located at Johor Bahru. Here is the link.

Only random photos as my camera is not with me and my colleagues do not really like to take photos so...totally random photos taken throughout the day. The location is actually at palm oil estate and there is lotsa of mosquitoes. Be prepared to fight with the mosquitoes.

This is the registration & payment counter. It also serves the purpose for briefing everyone on the safety and short training about the paintball.

Basically there is 14 pax of us and each of us paid RM60 per pax for 7 games. The payment is not by per head count. They count the amt of balls we want to use. So one box has 1000 balls @ RM240 if i'm not mistaken with the pricing.

Colleagues cum new friends. They are all ex- staffs but doing very well now at respective area. So it's good to mix around with different kind of people.

Can you see the injury on of their hand?It is shoot by one of us in a very short distance. Damn painful!

Guys trying to jump high above

The gals..I trying my best..i look very unglam here..i know..

Decent photos..

The group just reached and getting very excited to start the game rolling...

Everyone in the picture...

We had almost 3 hours game and total of 7 games which ended around 1plus. Everyone is exhausted but gain exposure and experience playing paint ball. Too bad didn't take pic of me holding the paintball gun and safety helmet. But u know wat...the helmet is very smelly.Everyone is wearing it and all the sweat stick into it.Yuckkss..Then the paintball gun is very heavy to carry running. So i ended up hid at safe place to avoid get shoot by competitor and i do the shooting..haha!

Once the game over, we had our lunch and back home separately.I was totally exhausted and went to bed straight away after i reached home..


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