7 Months Later

Me & XP
7mths of pregnancy
I still remembered that i went for Xue Ping ROM on October last year and she is in her 7 months pregnancy now. She changed a lot in terms of her appearance. You can see her look during her ROM here.

Met up with her 2 weeks ago when i needed to settle some issues in Singapore. While waiting for her to arrive North Point Shopping Centre, i headed to library for some reading. Yup. It's library which i had not step into it for the past 8-10 years if my memory does not fail me.
I can see XP difficulties in walking with her big tummy. She also has difficulties body temperature and food cravings. The worst part is that she unable to sleep well at night. So she looks very tired when we met up.Anyway, it was nice to meet up with her again after 7 months and hopefully the next round is with her baby boy, the new addition family for her. Happy for her as well as she got a good caring husband who does the household cores for her and even cook for her. Seems like a 'good man' does still exist in this era.


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