Lavendar @ Molek

Mocha with beautiful presentation
Started off with the love shaped mocha for u guys. This post is actually back dated a month ago. Pardon me as i just realised that it was not posted out.

Anyway, it was just a random dinner gathering with colleagues after work. One of the intern treat us makan as she got contra gain from shares. So everyone was so 'on' that day so we headed to Lavendar nearby our office.

Photos of our foods and drinks taken using Iphone 4 from my colleague. Nowadays seldom bring camera out and it's not with me. So iphone come in so handy with the picture quality not bad :)

Long Long Drink-My Fav
I love the taste of it as it goes with a plum in it and taste a bit sour and refreshing.
Ice Chocolate with Cream

Soda drink
The foods at Lavendar is so-so only. Not that very delicious or yummy but it's kinda acceptable. Presentation is good.But it has a nice atmosphere for customers to enjoy the dinner whether in indoor or outdoor.
Chicken Chop

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce

Dessert Pancake with banana
The dessert was recommended by one of the colleague and it is truly delicious. It's like McD breakfast pancake but this one added with the banana slice and it turned out to be just nice.

Just a short post regards the dinner foods and shall ended the post of my colleague. She is a very funny lady which bring laughters to us everyday :)
Funny Colleague


p3eng peNg wond3rl@nd said...

hey gal... seems like the food quite nice leh... the lavendar izit the lavander that sells bread??

LeO GaL said...

Yup. it's the lavendar that sells bread
how u know?KL got lavendar meh?

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