Soba making

Still remember my earlier post regards the Japan Trade Fair? We made cold japanese soba for our brunch.Simple making and healthy food to consume.I had is listed down for the preparation and ingredients.

Japanese Soba
So basically, the ingedients we need are:-

  1. Japanese Soba
  2. Menstuyu/Udon Tsuyu
  3. Wasabi
  4. Spring Onion
  5. Nori (seaweed)
Get a handful of japanese soba depending on the portion you need and boil it with hot water. It is basically like cooking spagethi but this is japanese soba. Once the soba is cooked, rinse it with cold water in order not to have the noodles to stick together. After you rinse it, place the cooked noodles into the fridge and let it cool.

As for the sauce to go with the noodle, pour 1/3 quarter of menstuyu to the pot and blend it with water. Taste it to see your preferable taste level and let it boil like the picture below.So basically just to heat it up around 5-10 minutes.

Menstuyu added with water
Once the menstuyu heat up, let it cool before you put it in the fridge to make it cold.Meanwhile, cut the spring onion to get it prepare to go with the sauce and noodles.

Cooked Soba

Spring Onion

Sauce with spring onion and wasabi

Once everything is cold,you can basically start serving already.Mix the sauce with the spring onion and put a bit of wasabi into the sauce and mix it. The sauce is ready to serve with cold noodle.

The taste is very refreshing and you will surely like it :)

Oh ya, you can add on an egg into the sauce and eat with the noodle. The outcome of the taste is different but  u will get different taste as well.Try it at home :)


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