Three sessions

Why i post the title "Three sessions"? The reason is because of  activities i had on Sunday. It was such a tiring Saturday with the annual dinner events and insufficient sleep i proceed to my activities on Sunday with a morning wake up call to pay a visit to my grandpa and ancestors from my mum's side. 

I finally got the word "Tomb Sweeping Day" which is also known as Ching Ming Festival. In Chinese, Ching means pure or clean and Ming means brightness. Most people called this holiday-grave-sweeping day because people head to the cemetery to clean the graves.

So my family and cous went to pay our respect to our grandpa and also my mum's grandma. Both are placed at the same location. The place was crowded with people and joss sticks. Too bad didn't get any snapshots of the situation as i never expect that so many people flooded in last sunday.
Photo taken from Google Search

Everything was settled around 12plus and headed back to grandma's house for a quick brunch before headed back JB to rush to singapore by 3pm. Luckily we drove two cars back to hometown. Thank god the traffic was smooth when i headed to Sg around 2 plus and managed to reach Bishan MRT by 3pm. Thank god the customer aka angeline's fren was kind enough to be patience with my hiccups on the meet ups.

So in the end managed to settle it at Coffee Bean Junction 8 followed by chit chat a while and a snapshot of our evidence.hehe!Thanks to the multipurpose iphone.

 Everything ended around 4.30pm and i headed to MRT to back JB to rush for the last session of the day. Phew..i managed to reach JB at 5.45pm and get prepared to attend one of the remisier's wedding dinner at Restaurant Pekin located at Taman Sutera. The photos with the bride was taken by the professional photographer and it's not with me. So i just took this photo from FB. Taken by one of the remisier.

Ms Chan & kelson

I thought we are quite late as we reached around 6.30pm but to my surprise there are still many empty seats and in the end the dinner starts at 8pm. It took an hour 30 minutes to start the dinner.However, it ended at 10pm.Thankfully Sunday finally over and i'm dead tired running for time the whole day.


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