Indonesia Food & BBQ

A random post for the foods taken during our dinner last week with colleagues from KL. We had our dinner at one of the Indonesian restaurant @ Taman Molek. It is considered halal for muslims as well. The foods over there are quite nice and the price is reasonable as well. Their famous signature dish would be the fish head curry. But i had upset stomach after i took the curry previously. I guess because i cannot take spicy foods.

Random photos taken using colleagues Iphone:-
Curry Fish
Fried Chicken

Added some random photos taken during BBQ last Friday as well. We had fresh mussels and prawns all the way from the farm. Thanks to Lim for the contribution. Too bad i cannot taste the prawn but based on my colleagues, they are superb fresh and prefer the original without any sauces or ingredients and just barbeque it. The mussels are sinful as well. I had many of it since i unable to taste the prawns. Never did i know that barbequed mussels can taste so splendid. I just can't stop helping with it.

Ever since i joined this industry, i am exposed to drinking. It's a way of socializing here and luckily my dad did train us to drink and able to survive a bit. Drinking to them seems like plain water and they can just gulp it at one time and challenge again and again. The picture below shows how aggressive they are drinking beer with straw...
That's all for the random updates for the activities last week with colleagues.


Anonymous said...

i feel like BBQ-ing over this long weekend too! esp prawns, i love them!

Hazel said...

Yeah...all are fresh from the's time for BBQ then :)

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