Saturday Dinner @ Stulang Laut

On the third week of saturday, we as a group to a Korean restaurant located at Stulang Laut for dinner. The restaurant was at second floor above a mamak restaurant. Surprisingly it was full house. Why i mentioned suprisingly is because the service is totally sucks. The service staffs are no manners and ignore our requests. It was not a pleasant experience dining there although the foods there is not bad compared to other korean restaurant that i went before in JB.

The owner of the restaurant is Korean people but the staffs they employed are foreign workers that are superb lousy. We requested for the side dishes (appetizer) to be refill but till end of the dinner, it was not being refilled. The ice-cream was melt too.It will be my first and last to the restaurant.

Anyway,random pics taken throughout the dinner at the korean restaurant with the huge name at the wall.
Photos credited to "Justin".

These are the side dishes (appetizer) that we only had once but it mentioned that can be refill. In the end, we are not full and headed for second round to fill our unsatisfied stomach cravings.

We headed to Mount Austin for the famouse mango dessert that my colleague recommended earlier. The concept is similar to those dessert shops at KL. This dessert shop was full with customers and it opened till 1am. The business was doing superb good as JB does not have such similiar dessert shop.Not to mentioned those desserts like ais kacang,cendol etc.

This is mainly on fruits cravings..

Mango Chang Fan
Pure mango sliced with the chang fan wrapped with it. They said nothing special on the taste. Just the mango taste.

Durian Pancake
A must dessert for us as we are durian lovers expect for Daphne. The durian was so rich and it just taste marvellous :)

Durian with pomelo dessert (not sure with the exact name)
One word to describe the taste: Sinful!The durian taste was so rich and it covers the taste of the pomelo.

Mango with cincao ice dessert (not the exact name)
Pardon my description as i not sure the exact name.I only remember to eat only.hehe...

Mango Pomelo & Sago Dessert
The presentation tempts us and the mango tast is very rich. It blends well with the pomelo and sago.

Ice-cream with pudding i guess?
Didn't try it but this is chosen by Justin and he finished up everything all by himself.

Daphne & me
Ended the post with our acts indulging the sinful desserts

U-Dessert located at Mount Austin ( 57,Jalan Austin Heights 3,81100 Johor Bahru) and there is another branch at Sutera Branch as well.


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