It was a huge hall that fits approximately 600people witness the happiness and joy of the newly weds and projectors at opposite sides to allow all the guests to be able to view the photos comfortably.

Took a pictures with ssc and sheng pey before the dinner starts...

The menu

The starter of the dish..

Normally we have shark fins for wedding dinner but it has been replaced with mushroom slices but the taste is similiar with shark fin.

The yam with the 'meat'. It is actually made of from mushroom 'stick' /leg of the mushroom. It was C.Joo who told us the ingredients. We are unable to guess it.

This is the 'fish' dish

Brocolli with mushroom slice

"Roasted Duck"

Traditional "Her Ye Fan" with the roasted peanut.Taste delicious.

The dinner ended around 11pm and i sent SSC,SK & C.Joo off to city square for them to head back to singapore. I lost my way back after dropping them and blur me took the wrong path twice and reached home around 11.45pm.


Anonymous said...

600 people? boy, that's a huge wedding! The only other wedding that I've been to that has many people was my cousin's wedding - almost 900 pple! it felt more like a convention than a wedding to me actually :p

Hazel said...

yeah.too big and very hard to interact with the newly weds as they need to greet everyone at every table

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