Children Little Musuem @ 42 Bussorah Street

Finally get the chance to visit the museum @ bussorah street. It is about 10 mins walking distance from Bugis MRT and near to Haji Lane and Arab street. My companion of the day was Daphne and we went searching the exact location using iphone map. It is truly useful using iphone apps.

Reminisce back to childhood memories. It contains valuable memories during my parents' times and partially from my childhood time as well. Every little things brought back memories. The museum is located between the shops and you won't even realise there is a musuem there. There is an entrance fee SGD2 to be able to see more stuffs at the second floor. The musuem has 2 floors and the first floor is more on retro concept.

Beware of overloaded photos below.

Snapshots from iphone and sony camera from daphne.

Cash bill machine

Can anyone guess what is this?It is actually a 'cinema' during the old days where the technologies are not so advance.

The baby prems over the years and modifications have been done for now with foldable ones

Wooden horse. We used to ride in when we are still a kid. But i remember mine was made of rotan horse.

It was quite creative that the owner came up a corner to set up a mini toy store like the old days.It is more on my mother's generation.
Closer look of the 'Ah Seng Toy Store'

There is also a small corner for ais kacang and bottle drinks with the F&N and Pepsi logo attached to the bottles.

Random shots of the lamp and also the signature barber light? Not sure what is it called actually.

The brand 'Jacob' exist since ancients time and also the all time favourite milo snaps. Now we have the biscuit crackers packed in plastic instead of using tin anymore.

The outlook of a school with wooden and the recess bell at the side. There will be someone in-charge to ring the bell for recess and time off.

Some of the random shots from the cabinet with different sections of the stuffs back to the old times.

Back to the filming industries...

List of the perfumes and powders for make up and beautifying..

These are the games that we played during primary and secondary schools. I still remember sewing my very own five stones. It was fun stuffing all the beans or rices into used cloth and make it into game to play.

Guns for the guys...

Skipping rope is a must game to play with the girls.

So many types of games to choose from...

School uniform during my mum's generation.

Blackboard dusters...

The certs that recognized that you completed your studies.

Lastly the report card with the marks and remarks on it.

We had fun touring the second floor and bring back memories of childhood and chat over it. You can always drop by with the entrance fee of SGD2.00 only and you can just snap anything you want to.So, why not recall back your memories from a small tour?


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