Father's Day @ Mitzi Cantonese Restaurant

Our family decided to celebrate Father's Day in Singapore with my dad suggestion for this restaurant located at Tanjong Pagar Rd. The restaurant is full house throughout the dinner time.Thus, reservation need to be made earlier in order to cut the waiting time. However, we didnt made reservation so waited for 1hr 30 minutes outside. But it is worth it as they serve nice chinese cuisine which suit our taste bud and most important my dad's taste bud.Total dinner S$219.30.

Photos are taken using iphone and pardon for the sharpness of the pictures ya.The first dish is the pork rib recommended by the captain and truly enough the texture is tender and easily chew. Thumbs up.

Steamed fresh red tilapia fish. The texture is very smooth and very delicious.

Sliced chicken paste which taste delicious with their special sauce.It is yummy.

Pardon the blur picture of the chicken head...

Cantonese style sliced fish with kuey teow

Sotong with cuttlefish and leek

Seacucumber with mushroom and green vegetable. The quality of the seacucumber so-so only. The whole plate costs S$36 for 8 pax.

Cantonese style of beef kuey teow

My 'twin' sisters. Their passport photo are alike until the officers cannot recognize.haha!Both wearing specs and features are alike.

After the dinner, 7 of us squeezed into the car and headed to Marina Barrage to bring our grandma to see singapore night view. Marina Barrage has the overall view of the singapore attractions marina bay sands buildings and also the signature flyer with the beautiful lights on.

There are people flying LED kites at the rooftop of the barrage and it is very beautiful looking them flying up the sky. The weather is nice as well.Windy night perfect for kite flying.

That's how we spend over father's day celebration in singapore.How about yours?


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