Friend Indeed

Keychain given by wanteng from her taiwan trip. So nice of us. We decided to meet up one day since i am back to singapore to work again. It is almost a month by now working in singapore. Kinda miss the life in OSK and colleagues over there. They are all so sporty and young and makes me feel young too.haha.My current job is very busy and piles of projects and adhoc problems need to be solved independently. Hopefully or i should say i must get myself adapt to my current job and work independently.

Anyway, Wanteng and i decided to meet up for dinner at Bugis. Nowadays my meeting place will be at bugis as it is located at the green line and easier for me to meet up after work and back home. So we off to try Ma Maison. I always heard about it and many good remarks was given. So we give it a try.

Photos taken using my iphone. My iphone = camera now. ^^

Wanteng mother of a 2yr old son.haha..

Random snap of the menu cover.

Baked cheese potato which taste nice and we had not enough.

The tools to attack the escargot..hehe

Cheese escargot. I miss the one i ate with Ju & calvin. This is so-so only. Wan Teng liked it so much and thank me for letting her to try new dish.Silly gal as she said her husband will not entertain her for such stuffs. So gal, if you are reading this, bring me out often and i bring you for nice food hunting.

Seafood platter and the scallop is huge.It is just nice for 2 of us.

Great dinner with companion for the day after work.

Few days later i met up with ssc for dinner. He was indeed a good close friend who took pity of this lady(me) for a dinner treat.haha! Location still remain unchanged. Bugis but we went to NYDC cafe.It is a western cafe.

Fish & Chip -ordered by SSC

Chicken chop by me :)

The place is crowded with people as usual but we have a good time chatting throughout the dinner. It was a good hangout and updating each other life and abouts. Hopefully next time round i can meet his gf.


Wanteng said...

gal, i saw ur blogs as promise...mus tbring me out or more nice food k... hehee

Hazel said...

sure..we can go for dinner every 2 months?hehe

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