Bonding Time

Nothing beats with to enjoy dinner with family members after whole day work. It was a sudden decision to meet up with cousins and sisters. My sis was in singapore on last friday so we decided to have our dinner before head back home. Angel was delighted to meet up with cousins. They are all around the same age so they clicked very well.

We headed to Ichiban Sushi @ AMK Hub for dinner. We queued for around 20-30 minutes before we finally get a place to dine in.

Family bonding is very important and everyone plays a role to maintain the relationship with one another. It takes two hands to clap and surely enough time to manage it as well. It was not easy to have everyone gather at the same time same place to sit down have meal together. Everyone has their own lifestyle and things to do. Initiative plays a part too.

Glad to arrange the gathering with cousins. Everyone is happy and it always to stay connected as a family and not drifting apart and only meet up once a year during chinese new year. This is so unhealthy. More gathering needed to build a stronger bond.


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