Evening view from my nearby office. How beautiful is the blue sky in the evening especially FRIDAY! Been busy with projects and work quite late throughout the week days. While waiting for Laurel to knock off, i met up with Tracy and HP for dinner @ Lucky Plaza. We headed to level 3 @ Ayam Bakar Ojelah which is famous of nasi ayam.

The vegetables salad with the satay sauce. Very refreshing taste.

Ordered nasi ayam and we like the crispy chicken.It cost S$6.50

Prompet fish with rice ordered by HP

After the dinner, i met up with Laurel and we went back JB together.

Healthy day to start off with the BLISS challenge. We bought a lot of yogurts!Few of the bloggers i came across are having the 14-days BLISS challenge and turned out well. They feedback that the constipation gets better after 14 days. Not sure how true it is but will give it a try.

We spent the whole saturday cleaning up the mess. Our house undergo minor renovation due to the mass termites that is found staying with us for 5 years! So we had to clear the mess.After the whole tiring clean up, we had steamboat for dinner. It has been ages since we had steamboat together. Mum prepared lotsa good stuffs. We had salmons,scallops,sausages,fishball & meatball,mushrooms,fish paste and many more.

Not forgetting to sip white & red wine enjoying the moment.It was great satisfaction of visual and craving. Visual in terms of house finally done with all the mess and everything looks new.Craving in terms of the foods prepared by our beloved mum.

Weekend is to spend time together with precious ones.Weekdays already pre-occupied with workloads thus no much time to spend with family and friends.

Time truly is precious especially when so many things are needed to be done. It's ok at least i won't keep thinking something that makes me emotional.


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