Meeting an Old Fren @ Ootoya Restaurant

It has been a year plus since my last visit to Ootoya. Read here for my previous post.

This time round they have the new chef recommendation dish. The katsu with the salad dressing. It taste awesome. The grill chicken that goes with the salad dressing was a perfect match to go with the short grain rice.It's my choice of the day and absolutely filled my cravings.

Penny ordered katsu toji set which she also commented nice as well.

Another new dish which i never seen before. The katsu was cooked in different way and there are seaweeds (nori) to go with it.

Next is the grilled salmon set.

Hokke set -grilled fish. Rachel's choice of the day and everyone gets to taste of it.

This is the old friend that I mentioned. She is Stella (Penny's sister). She was in singapore over the weekend and we managed to meet up. She is our (rachel & myself) ex-housemate while we are studying at rahman college. It was almost 8 years of friendship and it is still on-going. Although we are at different location and less communication, we are still close to our heart.


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