Long Beach @ Dempsey Hill

Long Beach has its long history in Singapore and it is a chain of restaurant operating in the island. It was a treat from my boss and exclusively for ladies only. So basically all the ladies in my company are out for the night for the dinner.

We went to one of the branch located at Dempsey Road.It was pack with customers and bookings throughout the night. We have 12 of us and one of them only take HALAL foods so she ordered food from the next restaurant.

All photos taken using iphone so do bear with the quality.

Fried you tiao with mayonnaise and it is crispy at the outer and smooth in the inner.

Marinated chicken essence which taste delicious.

Cereal prawn which they commented fresh.

Erdinger beer which suits my taste bud. It was my first try of the beer. I will opt for Erdinger when i go for beer next time :)

Naan with different flavors. This is for one of my colleague who takes HALAL foods. Didn't know that the naan comes in different flavors. It has garlic naan, butter naan, original naan and spicy naan. Taste alike with garlic bread and it goes well with the crab sauce. So we have options. Either to have bun 'man tao' or naan to eat with the crab chilli sauce.

Deer meat which taste extremely tender and the black pepper sauce blend well with it. Thumbs up!

Salted egg crab which i prefer more salted egg with it. This one is a bit dry but the crab flesh meat is very fresh and it is in big size.

Fried Kangkong with cuttle fish. This is something new as we never tried fried kangkong before and it turned out just nice. It was their new recommendation.

We also have the spicy chilli crab which we have it with the man tao.Their man tao is different from the one we always had it. This is more like western style but the taste is still the same old man tao taste.

Followed by the steam fish which the meat is very smooth and the steaming is just nice.

Mushroom and vegetables that can be ate as soup base as well. It looks like mushroom soup.

Fried rice with silver fish and it taste fragrance.

Blurry picture of the group. Photo credited to one of my colleague due to her photography skill.

This is the operation assistant manager who insisted not to be in the picture. So her subordinate took the crab shell to replace her..

Group photo of the night with the ladies.

Total damage SGD494++ and i must say Longbeach is a good choice for seafood place.Nice dinner with good laughter. We played number games to finish up the food and everyone was so high!


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