On the 8th

Mei Yee is back to town from Dubai and managed to catch up for breakfast and drink. I was late due to my adhoc job nature but luckily there are still people who are even late than me :P

Brought my colleague along and HP and Tracy joined as well. We ordered buffalo wings (spicy) which taste sour rather than spicy. No good!

We ordered hawaiian pizza to share too. No photos taken on that night as everyone was busy chatting all the way and it seems like a reunion. Some of them has not met for 10++ years and it's because mei yee is back everyone gathered at the same table and have a reunion.

I was quite surprised that hp and alvin knew each other although i find it weird until they met up and really do know each other.

So basically KT is a small town and everyone knew each other but has not spoken at all. So we went chatting for hours til 12.30am and they headed to second round but i went back first with colleague.

Nice catching up with new and old people!


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