Momiji Japanese Buffet

Pardon of the photo quality. Been using iphone to take photos recently and it is so convenient. By the way my nikon camera is down and owner is broke to buy a new one. So my iphone = my camera now :)

My new colleagues are very random on last Monday. They suggested to go for dinner after work to have my early birthday celebration. They know i am not available on other weekdays. Thus, monday is the best timing for all of us. So, one of my colleague suggested an affordable japanese buffet named Momiji @ Farrer Park station. The restaurant is located inside the City Square Mall at the top level.

The place only occupied by not more than 10 tables that night. The varieties are not as many as Kuishin-Bo or international buffet but the quality of the foods are still acceptable. Their salmon sashimi is fresh and i love having it over and over again. They have different ways of presenting their foods. Their teppanyaki for beef and chicken taste awesome. They served fresh oysters too and it is unlimited flow!! The oysters come with the mentai topping and superb awesome when u have it at the same time.

However the fried items are not in good quality. The salmon skin totally taste horrible. So is the onion ring so we decided not to attack the fried items :p

Random views from the foods available...

Chocolate fondue is available as well. It is a sweet tooth for dessert lovers. They served mochi and cakes as well.

My colleague, Yunita & myself..

Fion & Yung Hue

So coincidence that the table number is 19th. My birth date so took a picture with Teo.

Random photos that we took during the dinner...

They served clams as well :)

Beef Teppanyaki which taste very tender...

Unlimited green mussels but i don't like it. My colleague attacked the whole plate.

Flow of oysters...

Yakitori is available as well...

The scallop is quite big size and taste nice as well. It blends well with the sauce.

Ice-creams and we have it with the double chocolate from the fondue :)

Group photo of the day. Really appreciate them having a pre-celebration for me.

The buffet dinner is only S$25.90++. I think it is worth for value and definitely will go again next time for it's value.


Huai Bin said...

Happy birthday in advance Hazel! :)

Yeah, the food looks good. I love oysters and mussels myself.

Hazel said...

Thanks Huai Bin.
I love oysters! We can go for oysters if u drop by singapore :)

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