19th My Bday @ MOF

19th was my official birthday date and it falls on friday. TGIF! My sis and justin aka their first time to organize together for my birthday. It is their first time to work together. Thanks for the arrangement and celebration everyone :)

Time flies and i still remember last year i vowed to myself that i must be better than that and i did it. I have my friends with me and sisters to be with on my day. And evelyn had kept her promise to celebrate with me but this time round she is with her bf. Happy that she found a guy who love her deeply.

Celebration took place at MOF Izakaya @ Suntec city and we have 15 peoples including myself. It was a huge group and like a gathering for Laksamana and Tun Habab (KT) people.

Random photos of the japanese foods that we had on that day:-

Ramen-Tracy's choice

This is my choice- ishiyaki unagi and it comes with the avocado. First time trying it and not bad.I love avocado especially if it comes with salmon sashimi and mayonnaise.Totally make me drooling now while writing the post.

There provide complimentary coffee for each set that we ordered. It was a small size cup of coffee which is just nice after the main course.

With Daphne aka Mrs Yap

Beloved Leo member whom i always dial her number at all time.

Sis & Cous

Rei & myself
Tracy and me

With the guys that night. Seniors and the ladies' boyfriend and husband.

I looked like out of the picture. Both couple so 'en ai'.

Roommate and me

Oreo birthday cake from them. I had 2 oreo birthday cake this year. My boss also got me the same cake in the evening and celebrated in the office.

Like i said, she is also LEO so her birthday is only 3 days earlier than me so we had the celebration together.

Finally group photo on the day and we off to second round. Sis and cousin need to work the next day so they went off. So we headed to second round at Reddot @ boat quay. It was nice with the live band and the beer price sound reasonable too. Nice place to hang out.

The celebration continues till 2 plus and it was nice to have companies together. I admit i dun like feeling lonely so it was a blessed to have people to care for you and want to celebrate together. What matter the most is people who stood by your side whenever you need. Family always come first as they will always have you in your heart :)

Friends are indeed too.Thanks for those who wished me in fb, watsapp and sms. I got over 250++ people wishing me over the communication technology. It makes my day. However one of my wish is not granted but hope the subsequent will happen one day.


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