Porn's- Thai Restaurant

On the 18th which is the eve of my birthday, i met up with my ex-colleagues which initially supposed to have 5 people attending and turned out to be 3 including myself. Anyway, we had great time too. Great laughters and hangout. It was nice of them to remember my birthday although we are all at different locations now. It's more like a gathering for us. Carefree chit chatting and nothing more than complicated stuffs to make our mind go burst :)

Yeehui suggested Porn's which is the thai restaurant opened by Pornsak and his partner. You can see from the first photo displayed. It is located at Liang Seah Street which is a walking distance from Bugis Junction. It was at the crowded street where people keep flocking in for various choices.

It has the elephant back side as the signage for the restaurant. The size of the restaurant isn't that big and kinda squeezy but manageable. The decorations are simple, elegant and comfortable. Staffs are pro-active and services are in par value with the price :)

Yeehui busy eating and clearing up all the foods that are unfinished. Really need to salute her being such a big eater and still have skinny body. She said she cannot grow any fatter than this although she keep eating. How i wish can be like her no need to worry getting fat.lolz.

It served tasty rice which mixed with the eggs and also chicken floss which give us the refreshing taste. Pardon me as i forget the name of the dish but it taste delicious.

Mango Salad for our appertizer which taste refreshing. Taste is alike from other Thai restaurant but the portion is quite big and just nice for 3 of us to start off with our dinner.

They have this level of spiciness for the tom yam and we had the minimal level but it is still very spicy!The soup really taste good but then we couldn't take it so we end up whip off the ingredients only.
My current favourite-chicken wing stuffed with extra ingredients and taste awesome with the chilli sauce given. But kinda pricey for 3 pcs of chicken wings. Wish to order more but i think one would be nice to go with as we ordered other dishes as well.

This plate of kangkung is nice too. It is different from the kangkung i tasted in other restaurant. I think the way of cooking does make the difference. I don't know how to describe it but you guys can try it if you happens to drop by.

Random shots of us in the restaurant..

I looked messy here with my hair and eyes so small "_"lll

Group photo outside the restaurant before we headed opposite for dessert!

Luckily there are seats available when we reached the dessert shop and we had our desserts with our camwhoring session together.

Both of them acting like tourists insisting to take photo in front of the shop.Haha..Anyway,that's the dessert shop we went. It is always packed with people. Basically i think all singapore restaurants and desserts shops are all in good business. Reason being people just flocking in non-stop :p

Last photo before everyone headed back home. I look fat here! :(


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