Round up

It was a hectic weekend for me 2 weeks ago. However, i still managed to get through it after all. After the singapore national day cum laurel's birthday week, it is going to be my birthday.

My mum foot the bill again and we opt for japanese cuisine again but this time at one of the restaurant at Molek. Forget the name of the restaurant already.hehe! It was suggested by dad and the price is affordable and cheaper than Kura restaurant. The salmon sashimi price is cheaper and quality is the same! Their salmon sashimi comes in 7 slices and less than RM25.

Agedashi tofu

Korean " bimbab" in hotstone. Taste delicious.

Angel's favourite and keep saying i can finish the whole set. We doubted so but in the end she really did finish up everything.

Mum's japanese fried rice with salmon and garlic rice. The fragrance of garlic rice makes everyone getting a taste of it.

Ordered the beef teppanyaki which is so-so only. The appearance does not attract us but the meat is tender. It goes well with garlic rice.

It was a peaceful family dinner and a pre-celebration for me. I think as the older you get, you find that just a dinner with closed ones will be just nice. The most important is the people who dine in with you. Don't you think so? Thought of the day *winks*


I spent my lunch on one fine saturday with Li Yinn at Nando's City Square. We had chit chat session with our dreamy discussion wondering when actions will be taken. Hopefully soon enough it will be with no delaying. It was nice to stay connected with ex-colleagues although a short period in the field but friendship remains :)

Cutie young lady who always watsapp me with the word 'Amoi!!'. Once i see this word, i will surely know it is from her.

Took this photo early morning around 7 plus on sunday morning when i need to get up from my cosy bed and get through the customs to work. This is the pathway that i walked to my work from macpherson station. It was 15 minutes walk and it was a peaceful, fresh air on industrial area.

I worked until 6plus on that day and went to bed very early that night. This job really give me unexpected, unpredicted situations that i need to be very alert all time. It's more on the human interpersonal skills that need to be brush up. Maybe good as it occupied my time and i have no time to think nonsense and get to bed without thinking much. As it really wore out my tiredness everyday after work :)


Huai Bin said...

Mmm...unagi, I love that stuff! :)

I even ate unagi in mos burger when I was in Singapore, and that's one of the worst ways to eat unagi don. ;)

I still liked it though.

Hazel said...

hehe..yup..good stuff. unagi superb.

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