Kluang RailCoffee

It was my first trip to Kluang last week to attend my uni mate wedding dinner. I took a bus from larkin to kluang and it takes 2 hours journey to reach the destination. The ticket only costs RM9.80 one way ticket.

Wedding was on sunday noon so we headed for breakfast to fill our stomach. Boon Leong brought us to the famous Kluang Rail Coffee cafe. The original one is located at the ktm station. Yeah you're right. There is a railway station at Kluang. I also get to know about it when he mentioned. Anyway, we went to the branch so it has bigger space to fit more customers.
View of the cafe. It is crowded with people and they provide WIFI services as well. But too bad it is damn slow and we (my uni mates and me) cannot connect at all.

We ordered drinks separately. Photo taken using one of the leme apps.

Traditional coffee shop is a must to order toast bread with Kopi-O or Teh. Crispy toast on the outer layer and butter kaya to go with it.

Healthy wheat roti bun with butter and kaya.Exact description will need to refer to the menu. The taste difference is the bread they used but the butter and kaya taste same for all toast breads.

Roti bun butter and kaya. The bun looks very big here due to the angle view. Fret not the portion is just nice to fit the serving plate.

Everyone is enjoying the traditional breakfast.

Nasi Lemak ayam-Ordered by Wei ren. He said taste delicious. The serving is appropriate as well.

Boon Yi choice-Mee Siam. Thumbs up i would say. We ordered second round as we can't stop craving for it when we finished the first serving.

Kampung half boiled egg which looks perfectly half boiled from the picture. The colour of the egg yolk is very beautiful and taste good. I know it is not good to have egg yolk due to high cholesterol. Once in a while we just can't help with it :p

Mee soup. No much comment on this. Taste is fine and served hot.

Mee Rebus by Soo shin. I prefer my hometown mee rebus as the sauce is much more tastier. As for this one, i think the taste is quite plain but overall is acceptable.

Lontong!It has been such a long time since i ate lontong. I don't take with chilli so the taste is rather plain. But my frens enjoyed it and finished it up.

Total spend on the morning was RM54 for 5 pax.

The price is quite reasonable for 5 persons sharing. We ordered varieties of foods to enjoy together and everyone get a chance to taste it. I think it is wonderful.

If you are dropping by Kluang, do try the traditional coffee shop.


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