Wei Chien & Li Sheng Big Day

Most of my friends are either attached or tie a knot. I do envious my friends who settled down and going to be. This year has been a good year for marriage i guess but i think it is more of our age timing. On the 3rd Sept is my secondary school fren and his wife's big day. I am one of the sisters or we called 'jimui' in our language.

It was a big gathering to have everyone from different places to gather together and attend the wedding. It is also a good chance to gather together as everyone is having their own life style and pace in their life. Nevertheless it was a great day with fun and happiness surrounded by everyone. Cherish the moment of happiness and fun mingling with one another.

Li sheng's " jimui"/ sisters are from different places gathered at Kota Tinggi (our hometown) one the special day. It is a big group of jimui and we only get to know each other on that day morning. However, it went smoothly after all. The smile on the camera shoots tell everything. Don't they?

The beautiful bride and myself. She has her hair set by Eddie on her big day. And i think it was very nice and i prefer the hairdo for the night dinner. He took less than an hour to finish up the hairdo. So basically he is very skillful now.hehe.

The beautiful ladies while waiting for the groom to arrive for us to start the tradition game! We had our flower wrist band for each of us.

Random photos while we had our fun in games before the groom gets to see his bride. The top is the handicraft list of game that i made. I think my creativity is limited now. Lack of creativity.Maybe due to aging problem?hehe! But glad it came handy on the actual day with the lipstick mark from the brothers and the groom himself.

Groom was forced to declare the love letter in Cantonese words. He is not fluent in Cantonese language but still managed to get it through with the help of everyone.

After the game, we had our group photos taken at the living room.

10 over years of friends since secondary schools and still keep going which i think it's very valuable. Seeing everyone in different stage of life from studies to dating and marriage and babies. Omg...it shows that time flies! Everyone still looking good and great. Not to mention the age is increasing. Appearance can hide it well.Yes?No?

All the custom traditions are done in the morning and afternoon. Had a short break and headed off to the wedding dinner.Dinner was held at Beijing restaurant located near Taman Molek. The restaurant is a newly renovated and it is still in a very good condition.

The wedding comes with the cocktail and appetizer before the dinner starts. They serve champagne and snacks. And most importantly OYSTERS!I think it is very rare to have oysters for the cocktail reception on weddings. They do generously served us well.I finally get to taste the oyster after third round of servings. Everyone was queuing for it. You can see how well received the oysters on that day from below picture.

While waiting for the VIP (groom and bride) to arrive, we start to snap pictures away. I am in love with my outfit of the day. I got it from LoveBonito and been splurging over online shopping lately at the launching of collection.

Old Buddies with SSC's gf and yann yann.New addition members of the group :)

Ju with her second child on her/his way.
Guess i better hurry before the third is coming.haha!

Calvin (ju's huband) & me..

The bride and myself before the official walk in...

The servings that night. The foods are delicious. I love the taste of the lobster soup and basically all the foods are in good standard.

With secondary school frens. From left : Yin Peng & Sheau Ying & myself.

Ju & Rui...

Old school mates with their beloved ones. I have rui and ju to accompany to complete the whole photo.hehe..

Rui & Li sheng with their passionate kisses to Wei chien.

Random photos with everyone who present :)

A toast to the groom and bride...

Wishing both of them a blissful marriage and happiness shared everyday. Marriage is not just a paper but it's a commitment and trust between both parties willing to tie the knot and comprise with one another. It is a another new chapter and journey of life. It is not an easy task and it requires maintenance,tolerance,sharing and caring with one another. Both parties must willing to work on it. Same applies to relationship but marriage is in large scale which involves not only both parties but also families of both parties.

Time really flies.I still remember who are still small little boys and gals and 10 years later we reached to the stage of settling down and tie knot.

Photos are credited to those who posted in fb and i just grab it from there to make up my post.


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