Worst Nightmare


It happened on last saturday midnight when i am driving back alone after the dessert meet up with my ex-colleagues when suddenly this car drove out of the junction and i was driving at the straight road. I was trying to avoid the car and end up tragic happened. I was motionless at that moment of time. My mind so blank that i don't even know how to think and react. It was like a dream and i was stunned! The other party came down and start scolding and so fierce to me. I couldn't find my hp at all. I keep telling the guy hold on and he keep saying non-stop and one thing in my mind is to find hp and ask for rescue.I was searching high and low and mind still not in conscious state not knowing what should i do next. Finally i managed to found the bag from front seat somewhere corner. Calling is my priority at that particular moment.

Thank god my frens are nearby and they made U-turn and aid to my rescue. My fren bought her camera along and managed to help us to snap the photos for evidence for self-protection.

Then out nowhere out of the blue there is a car stopping and ask whether we need car tow service. I wasn't in sound of mind to handle the situation. Luckily my fren is there to help and console me. I totally have no impression and feeling till the next day.

We tried to call police for file report but no answers at all. Luckily there is a police patrol car who stop over and the madam drew plan and checked with us the whole incident. Car tow was here and charged us RM350 for not towing to their designated workshop. Initially they do not want to tow back my home and i insisted due to my dad instruction. So we towed to police station and towed back home in the end.

File report was made and we (myself and the other party) were asked to a room for investigation to determine who's fault and issued the summon letter. Whole process took almost an hour and i reached home around 3am and i was still wide awake and couldn't wink at all. My whole mind was the whole accident process and it was like a split of second. The moment i close my eyes the whole scenario is in my mind. Everything is just like a dream. I hope it is but it is not. Everything is totally like a stranger to me and i don't even know how to handle without the help of my frens. I really appreciate for their help and companies over the night.

First time crash car and being alone to face the very moment,
First time to file report for car accident,
First time knowing that once enter into the police station, we need to queue for number,
First time get into an investigation room of an officer to get the whole situation fix alone and the other party who insisted that it's my fault. I was too scare to speak at all. Thank god the lady officer came in and get the whole case closed,
First time to get the car tow to tow back my dad's car and learn how to deal such situations and people as well,
First time being motionless and have such a fearful feeling surrounded me,
First time seeing the helpless me with the help of my frens,
First time feeling so hurtful,
I feel bad causing so much worries and troubles to my family and friends. Luckily my dad able help me to collect the copy of report which is RM2 for collection on working hours only which is tomorrow. He will help me to settle the mess i created. I feel bad. I need to see doctor as well. My chest is feeling unwell and back feeling pain this morning when i woke up this morning.

Hopefully is a blessing in disguise after this incident.

Thank god i am alive and have good people surrounded me.


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