K Box Session

K Box Session @ Downtown east for Lewis Farewell party. We had KTV session a week before his farewell. There ain't many photos taken as my colleagues are not camera addiction. They hate cameras and disallow me to take photos of them.

Basically the waiting time for the dinner to be served is damn slow. We waited for an hour plus to get our dinner. Reason being is that the dinner was prepared by the Japanese restaurant next door and they are busy serving their existing customers in the restaurant. Not only that the foods served are not hot at all. The rice is cold and the meat ain't tender. As for portion wise, it is just nice. But we don't really enjoy the foods served.

Anyway, everyone's motive is to hold the mike and sing whole heart. It is always a way to release our stress.At least my colleague did released her stress through singing.

Random photos taken inside the room..

Candid shot of my colleagues.

We ordered 2 jugs of beers to drink and toast wishing Lewis all the best..

Just a short post to update what is happening lately.

Meanwhile car was sent to workshop for a week and they haven't settle the insurance claims procedures. So basically the car was left at the workshop untouched. The person-in-charge told us that the police has not come out the report and the draw plan of the accident therefore they are unable to get the procedures going. Haiz...we need to wait another week to see the progress.

Hopefully the car issues able to settle soon. Not sure whether the car tow charges can be claim as well. Shit the car tow guy who cheated my RM350! The car radiator is actually working perfectly fine except the water filter is spoilt. So basically I got cheated and charged double. Super broke dy and got cheated summore :(


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