Langkawi-Part 4

After the lunch, we headed for our island hopping. The entire tour is RM60 per pax for the whole afternoon session.

There is a walking distance to reach the destination of the tasik.

We are exhausted walking up and down as well just to see the lengendary lake.

Here it is the story of the Lake of the pregnant maiden all written at the lake side.

We had stop over an hour and headed to another destination to see eagles flying up the sky.

Did you see the mountain picture below? It shapes out a lady with pregnant figure.The head is at the right side followed by the pregnant stomach at the left side. Truly amazing right?

Here we are the eagles flying here and there. We feed them with raw chicken skin.

This is the main reason why we can see the eagles in a closer view.

Last stop which is our donut riding water sport activity. It costs us each RM30 for a ride. It is very good experience ride. We were shouting all the way during the ride. Thrilling ride and my hair pin lost during the ride. I should have not tie my hair up.

Anyway that is not the main point. The donut ride is kinda similar to banana ride but this ride only allows 3 persons at one time.

We have to put on the safety head mask before we put on the helmet due to safety issues. There is an accident that the hair was tangled up by the engine starter which is just at the back seat of the kart. Thus, safety precaution is needed before the ride starts.

Group photo of us at the Go-Kart scene!


Huai Bin said...

Again, it looks like heaps and heaps of fun!

Keep the posts coming! I love travelling by proxy too. Heh.

Hazel said...

Thanks Huai Bin!

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