Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Finally I stepped into USS!

It was a pleasant and thrilling USS day with ex-colleagues. Luckily there isn't long queue to queue for the games. The waiting was about 15-20 minutes for the ride. We spent a whole day from morning until evening

Photos taken by Kitty's Olympus camera and Brandy's canon camera:-

Since it was Halloween week, the whole USS was decorated with the theme and there ain't fireworks on saturday. It was closed 6pm as there is Halloween event from 8pm - 12 midnite. But our tickets are only available for day use so we only hang around til 6pm.

Group photo

Jumping shots again but location is at USS

Photos with the cartoon characters.

Just managed to shoot with 2 cartoon characters :(

Super thrilling roller coaster especially the red one. I tried both of them and went dizzy for the blue one. It turned 5 times during the ride and 360 degree.

More photos taken at USS

Happy times with bunch of good companions! Splendid weekend with awesome people.


Huai Bin said...

Awesome! I spent a day in USS too...mostly queuing up for Battlestar Galactica. :x

It was fun though, totally enjoyed myself. Good to see you had fun too. :D

Hazel said...

Yeah the Battlestar Galactica is a good one! Glad you had fun as well :)

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