My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment is to have great companion to travel together. In life there is love everywhere. Family love, loved ones and friens' love. All loves are valuable when nobody sees it. Appreciation and cherish play an important role to maintain the bonding goes smoothly and further. I love all of them. I love and cherish my friends that despite all of us are working at different places we still find the effort to make plan to travel together for bonding time.

We seldom contact each other but the relationships between each other still remain unchanged. The bonding and humor still sparks between one another. Isn't it amazing? This is how friendship is so true as each stage of life comes in with different characters people appearing. True friends are hard to come by especially we meet new faces everyday in part parcel of life. So i really do cherish the friendship grows within us.

Happiness moment need to be captured and i hope i can win a camera from this post.This will allow me to create more memories with my the people i care and love. It able to capture that very moment of life and shared memories together.

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We gathered at the same location and spend time together. Shared laughter and fun capturing that very moment to reminisce our memories.

Thus this is also my second part of langkawi trip post for viewing pleasure.

We changed into our bikini outfit and headed to the beach. The sun is striking hot at 3pm and we applied our sunblock lotion to fight back.lolz.

We had camwhoring session at the beach side just in front of our chalet. Did i mention the chalet we booked has the view of the sea?

Yup it is and it is beautiful to see the beach view.

Managed to get the jumping shot under the striking hot sun.

SY start posing in front of the camera. She is super sensitive in front of cameras.

Celine in her excited mood under the sun.

Camwhoring session ended and we drove to Pantai Cenang for the outdoor activities. We managed to get very good bargain for all the activities. We managed to get better offer for para-sailing from RM130 to RM50! RM50 each person.

It is my first experience and i was very nervous flying up high with few strings. I am glad that i did the ride and enjoy the sunset scenery up on the sky. It is super gorgeous and the feeling is extraordinary. I am unable to describe the feeling but it is somehow very peace in the inner and u will feel everything is so beautiful in behold your eyes.

My worrying face getting ready for my turn to go up.

You see how beautiful the nature is and the colour changing of the scenery.We able to enjoy such moments together which is very blissful. Not only couple able to enjoy the romantic scene together but friends also can. The feeling is totally awesome as well!

We camwhore jumping shot again after the para-sailing activities. Followed by banana ride of RM50 for 5 pax. We managed to get a whole package in a good price. Super exciting day for us!

I love this shot. Very beautiful scenery.I glad that i went this trip with my friends to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Had our last jump shot before we headed to airport to fetch ah chuan for dinner. We had dinner at town area and this restaurant attracted us to try. Truly delicious, yummy and fresh dishes!

Price is affordable as well.

Steamed prawn with egg. Not sure of the taste as i am prawn sensitive. But my friend commented delicious.

Baby kailan with oyster sauce. I love this dish and the sauce blends well with the vegetable.

Fried Soft shell crab- taste crispy and crunchy. It goes well with the chili sauce.

'Furong' omelette ..

Tom yam seafood soup. Taste refreshing!

Beer of course cheap in Langkawi !
My honeydew juice more expensive than beer over there.

Total bill for dinner for 6 pax RM166.50.

Headed for second round beer and wine session at the nearby beach bar.
Very romantic night with live band singing along the beach.

We even get to enjoy the local's playing fire antics along the beach. Grace managed to get very beautiful shot of them performing.

That's how we spent our first night together :)


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