On the day of Christmas

Weekend was hectic with friends coming from KL. So i brought them shopping at Bugis and snapping away at Orchard.
Alice stayed over my place for 2 days and we traveled from JB to Singapore. It is her first official visiting in spore. Previous was not counted as she doesn't have time to shop around or walk around. She is getting little excited with it. Glad that this makes her happy.

Her first KOI's drink.

I recommended her to try since bubble tea drink is the trend now in spore and getting famous in m'sia as well. It is her first time trying it and she is happy with the result :)

Bugis shopping the whole afternoon and she got herself nice outfit(s) and good bargain for the brother as well. Hush puppies sale and further discount 15%! I did mentioned in my previous post didn't i? I bought for my dad as well on that day.

Enough of shopping and we headed back jb to have dinner with my family members after so many days missing.

Camwhoring in the mrt while heading to kranji mrt.

Love my outfit of the day. It's super comfy and warming as well. The material is thick and it protects me from feeling cold.That's the whole purpose right?

The top from Bishan Junction 8 and shorts from SEED.


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