7 Steps to Happiness

Came across this and decided to have it here in my blog corner. I was chatting away with a moody and emotional friend one night.i found this in one of quotes after that and send it to her the next day. It gives her a smile back to me :)

1:Think Less, Feel More
Frankly speaking, I always think a lot. I think how can i feel good?How can i be better?How can i grow my money? how this and that so often that and eventually make myself feeling bad in the end. I was too obsessed thinking of how this and that without conclusion and this caused troubled in the end :( I ought to learn not to think so much and feel what got within myself and make myself feel good. Sometimes ignorance is a bliss perhaps or even better cause you will feel better in person.

2: Frown Less, Smile More
Frowning is always a yes situation when it happens in work or something troubling you. I guess i frown a lot lately due to my current job. I need to learn to smile more instead. Smile is priceless but people tend to take it for granted. Smiling does provides certain extent of magic in life i would say. Smile makes people surrounding you to be happy and makes you to feel happy somehow. Don't you think so?

3:Talk Less, Listen More
Talking does need to pay so do listening. But talking gives you the tendency to create attention and being an attention seeker is very hard to sit down and be a listener. Talk less will have less offender and less conflicts and even less arguments. Conflicts and arguments will lead to unhappiness. So sometimes talk less doesn't mean that you are in disadvantage though. Listening requires a lots of patience within and i think i need more training in this part.

4:Judge Less, Accept More
People tend to judge among ourselves. However, familiar phrase will " Never judge a book by its cover". Judgement will leads to perceptions and unhappiness. You will judge by the person's appearance and the way they react or act not having to know the whole facts of the person. This is human being. Judging has always been part of our life. Accepting people for who they are and what they are ain't an easy task to be done. Why can the loved ones can accept one another because there is love within each other. But why can't we accept the weakness of other people then? Why can't we accept the way how our friend behave? Not everyone has a generous heart to accept how their friends, families, colleagues and strangers. The judging takes place when there is no room of acceptance of the behavior and unhappiness are then created. Accepting people for who they are makes everyone comfortable with one another and harmony grows within. Thus, happiness grows eventually. I always tell myself not to judge but somehow I admit i do judge people when I can't stand how they react. But then i will ask myself. "She is such behavior and always like that. Why you want to bother and insist of it?" Then this gives me a second thought and i should just learn to accept the way it is. Maybe not immediately but gradually.

5:Watch Less, Do More
When people start to watch, comments will come into picture. Then sometimes comments are quite hurtful and offensive. Thus, instead of watching, do more of what you need to do. Watching people argue over the matter does it benefits you? Why not just continue to do what you are doing and get back to your own business? This is not true in reality as curiosity kills and people tend to be quite over concern over arguments issues.

6:Complain Less, Appreciate More
Singaporean loves to complain which is very true.You can always see in news in singapore or stomp singapore. However, some complaints do benefits depending on situations. Complaints have become a habit though to certain people. Not everyone will learn how to appreciate things and people surrounding. Appreciation is hard to recognize and only started to cherish when things happen. Usually it will be too late by then.

7:Fear Less, Love More
I still learning to love myself better. I admit i have fearful within myself which also partly due to thinking some irrelevant issues. Fear of this or that will lead to unhappiness. Fear not being care by someone, fear of being lost and much more. Sometimes it's hard not to be fear as it just happen. Hard to describe the feeling of it but loving own self will be the best way to make yourself be happy.

7 steps of happiness and not easy to apply it in life though.
Nevertheless let it be a reminder on and off to step into happiness.


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